Employee Publications

Here you will find guides and booklets for various Employee Benefits.

Insurance Publications

  2017 Eligibility and Enrollment Guide

Eligibility and Enrollment Guide-Addendum for January 2017

Medical Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield

  2017 Blue Cross Blue Shield Partnership PPO Guide 
  2017 Blue Cross Blue Shield Standard PPO Guide

  2017 Blue Cross Blue Shield CDHP 
  Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider Guide


 2017 Cigna Partnership PPO Guide 
 2017 Cigna Standard PPO Guide 
 2017 Cigna Provider Guide

Dental Insurance

MetLife PDO Dental

 2017 MetLife PDO Guide

Cigna DHMO Pre-Paid Dental

 2017 Cigna DHMO Dental Guide

Vision Plans

Eye Med

 2017 Eye Med Vision Plan Guide

Caremark-Prescription Benefits

 Caremark Health Savings CDHP Guide

 Caremark Partnership Guide

 Caremark Standard Guide

 Caremark Wellness CDHP Guide

Partnership Promise

 2017 New Member Partnership Promise Requirements 

Premium Schedules

 2017 Health Plan Premiums - Active Employees

 2017 Health Plan Premiums - Retirees 

 2017 Dental Plan Premiums 

 2017 Vision Premiums

 2017 Cobra Premiums

FSA/HSA Provider Booklets

 PayFlex HSA Guide

 PayFlex Card, Your Account Debit Card

 PayFlex HSA Investments

 PayFlex Limited Purpose


Plan Summaries

 2017 Summary of Partnership Plan Benefits and Coverage
 2017 Summary of Standard Plan Benefits and Coverage

 2017 Summary of CDHP Health Plan Benefits and Coverage


ACA Marketplace Info

 ACA Marketplace Required Notice

 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Cover Letter

 Minnesota Life Basic Life and AD&D/Optional Term Life and Optional AD&D

 Basic Life/Optional AD@D Summary

 Minnesota Life Group Term Life Enrollment Summary 
 Minnesota Life Basic Life, Basic Term Life, AD&D Summary 

 Minnesota Life Group Term Life Employee Handbook

 Minnesota Life LifeSuite Beneficiary

 Minnesota Life LifeSuite Legacy Planner

 Minnesota Life LifeSuite Travel


 Prudential Exempt Long-Term Disability Benefit Information

 Prudential Non-Exempt Long-Term Disability Benefit Information

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

 EAP Optum Health Flier

 EAP Optum Health Brochure


TCRS/ORP/401(k) 457 Booklets/Summaries

Tennessee Consolidated Retirement Systems (TCRS) and Optional Retirement Program (ORP) Hybrid Plan Booklets/Summaries (New Eligible Employees as of 7/1/2014):

 TCRS/ORP Hybrid Plan Booklet (New Employees as of 7/1/2014) - *Exempt/**Non-Exempt Employees

 TCRS/ORP Hybrid Plan Summary (New Employees as of 7/1/2014) - *Exempt/**Non-Exempt Employees

 TCRS/ORP Exempt Employee Information (Hybrid Employees)

 TCRS/ORP Non-Exempt Employee Information (Hybrid Employees)

 TCRS Retirement: A New Beginning (Legacy Employees Only)

Deferred Compensation (401k/457)

 401(k) and 457 Deferred Compensation Summary