Retirement Resources

Tennessee Consolidated Retirement Systems (TCRS), Optional Retirement Program (ORP), and Deferred Compensation (401K/457) Plans

In this section you will find a wealth of information related to Chattanooga State's retirement benefits.

TCRS/ORP/401(k) 457 Booklets/Summaries

Tennessee Consolidated Retirement Systems (TCRS) and Optional Retirement Program (ORP) Hybrid Plan Booklets/Summaries (New Eligible Employees as of 7/1/2014):

 TCRS/ORP Hybrid Plan Booklet (New Employees as of 7/1/2014) - *Exempt/**Non-Exempt Employees

 TCRS/ORP Hybrid Plan Summary (New Employees as of 7/1/2014) - *Exempt/**Non-Exempt Employees

 TCRS/ORP Exempt Employee Information (Hybrid Employees)

 TCRS/ORP Non-Exempt Employee Information (Hybrid Employees)

 TCRS Retirement: A New Beginning (Legacy Employees Only)

Deferred Compensation (401k/457)

 401(k) and 457 Deferred Compensation Summary


Employee Classification

  • Faculty and Professional Staff Employees are classified as Exempt Employees
  • Clerical/Support Employees are classified as Non-Exempt Employees

Optional Retirement Program (ORP) Contact Information (Exempt Employees Only)

VOYA Financial Advisors, LLC

Contact: (800) 584-6001

Ed Stewart (Representative): (615) 627-5936



Contact: (800) 842-2776



Contact: (888) 568-2542

Celeste Friend (Local Representative): (423) 227-0281


TCRS Contact Info (Exempt/Non-Exempt)

Retire Ready Tennessee

Tennessee Consolidated Retirement Systems

Contact Information:

  • (800) 922-7772- General Info
  • (800) 922-7772 - Counseling Services and Estimation of Benefits/Pre-Retirement
  • (800) 922-7772   Insurance/Retirement Benefits

Deferred Compensation